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Library: The library is equipped with books on all subjects, references, journals, e-journals etc., to quench the thirst of knowledge of the students as well as staff members. Additional volumes of books are procured every year based on the suggestions to equip the students with latest technologies. The digital library facilities the students to watch NPTEL videos, access e- resources and video lectures.


e-learning & online assessment: The institute has LAN, Wi-Fi facilities and upgraded computers to accomplish the educational needs.A Software has been developed for students to impart the facility of online assessment, mock tests and online feedback. Students can access the software from home and prepare for exams like GATE. Students can also prepare themselves for campus interview through online Aptitude / Technical Test.


Industrial Tour & Industrial Training: Mechanical Engineering department provides the opportunity of industrial tour & training to the students, in various reputed companies, with the vision of promoting competence and confidence among the students by viewing and facing practical challenges, finally to produce successful personalities and entrepreneurs with inculcated moral and ethical values. 


Laboratories: The laboratories in Mechanical Engineering Department are well equipped with an assortment of machines, measuring instruments & computers which the students operate in person and thereby enhance their knowledge. To name a few in just a few sentences: In Engg Drawing & Computer Graphics Lab the students start their journey of fundamentals of Engineering Drawing; In Workshop Practice Lab the first taste of hands on experience of essentials of manufacturing is obtained; In Machine Drawing I Lab the knowledge gathered through the learning of fundamentals of Engineering Drawing is further cultivated; In Workshop Practice II Lab the understanding of manufacturing congregated through Workshop Practice in 1st year is advanced; In Applied Mechanics Lab the hypothetical information of Strength of Materials is related to realistic understanding through the use of Universal Testing Machine, Hardness Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Spring Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine, Fatigue Testing Machine; In Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics Lab the theoretical concept of Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulic Machines is correlated to practical perceptive through use Venturimeter & Orificemeter, Loss of head due to friction in pipes apparatus, Notches and Weirs, Orifice and Mouth piece, Centrifugal Pump, Reciprocating Pump, Pelton wheel turbine, Blower etc.; In Manufacturing Technology Lab the indispensable practices of Manufacturing Technology are recognized by experimentation using Permeability Meter, Rapid Moisture Content tester, Green compressive strength tester, Hearth (Forging Furnace) with Air Blower, Anvil, Swage Block, Sand Rammer, Stripper, Sand Muller etc.; In Material Testing Laboratory the combined knowledge of Strength of Materials, Engineering Materials & Primary Manufacturing Processes is linked to matter-of-fact understanding of the subjects via Charpy Impact Test, Izod Impact Test, Fatigue Testing, metallographic observation, heat treatment of carbon steels, observation of presence of surface/ sub-surface cracks using different non-destructive techniques, such as dye penetration (DP) Test, and in so doing the idea about working & use of Impact Testing Machine, Fatigue Testing Machine, Belt Polisher, Hand Polisher, Disc Polisher, Heat-Treatment Furnace, Hardness Testing Machine are trained to the students & the learning continues.


Infrastructure: The Infrastructure facilities of the department have been fortified to cater to the needs of the present strength of the students and future anticipated growth of admissions with well furnished class rooms, highly equipped laboratories, seminar halls, auditorium, hostels, canteen, playgrounds, security arrangements etc.

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Mr. Pallab Banik
Mr. Abhishek Ghosh
Dr. Narayan Chandra Dey Sarker
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